ISRN-2019 Program

Feb 15,Friday.

11:15 Open
12:00~12:10 Opening remark
Meeting president: Yuta Shibamoto (Nagoya City Univ)
12:10~12:55 Luncheon Seminar 1
Chair: Yuta Shibamoto (Nagoya City Univ)
L-1. Oral diseases and Alzheimer’s disease
Chair: Makoto Michikawa (Nagoya City Univ)
13:00~14:14 Session 1 ”Biological Effects of Low-dose Radiation”
Chair: Hironobu Nakamura (Saito Yukokai Hospital)
S1-1. Radon inhalation has antioxidative effects and suppresses oxidative stress induced damages (23 min)
Takahiro Kataoka (Okayama Univ)
S1-2. Carcinogenicity and genome variation in descendant mice after the every generational low dose-rate internal 137Cs radiation exposure (23 min)
Hiroo Nakajima (Osaka Univ)
S1-3. Cellular response to chronic irradiation with low dose rate of 137Cs-γ rays in PC 12 cells stimulated with NGF (8 min)
Katoh Shinsuke (Yokohama Univ of Pharmacy)
S1-4. Biological effects of continuous low-dose-rate irradiation in silkworms and mice: growth promotion and tumor transplantability (10 min)
Masahiro Nakashima (Nagoya City Univ)
S1-5. Changes in the proliferation rate, clonogenicity, and radiosensitivity of cultured cells during and after continuous low-dose-rate irradiation (10 min)
Zhen Wang (Nagoya City Univ)
14:14~14:27 Coffee break
14:27~15:15 Session 2 “Radiology/Radiation Oncology “
Chairs: Masaki Kokubo (Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital)
S2-1. Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease by CT scanning !? (8 min)
Yuta Shibamoto (Nagoya City Univ)
S2-2. Effect of hyperbaric oxygenation treatment before radiotherapy for memory and recognition (10 min)
Chiaki Katagiri (Univ of the Ryukyus)
S2-3. Redox metabolic imaging for evaluation of radiation treatment using dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP)-MRI (10 min)
Fuminori Hyodo (Gifu Univ)
S2-4. Normal tissue tolerance of micro slit beam X-ray (10 min)
Naritoshi Mukumoto (Kobe Univ)
S2-5. Efficacy and safety of IMRT for elderly prostate cancer patients: Comparison with younger patients (10 min)
Hidekazu Tanaka (Gifu Univ)
15:15~16:00 Afternoon Seminar
Chair: Yuta Shibamoto (Nagoya City Univ)
A-1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy
Nobuhiro Mikuni (Sapporo Medical Univ)
16:00~ Free discussion
18:30~ Banquet in Hotel Olive

Feb 16, Saturday.

08:50~10:30 Session 3 “ISRN-Gunma Initiative Advanced Research (GIAR) Joint Symposium”
Modulator: Tomoaki Shirao (Gunma Univ)
Chair: Jan Schuemann (MGH)
Kathryn D. Held (MGH)
S3-1. Using physics simulations to understand and optimize biology in proton therapy (30 min)
Harald Paganetti (MGH/Harvard Medical School)
S3-2. TOPAS-nBio: A Monte Carlo track structure toolkit for radiobiology studies (20 min)
Aimee L. McNamara (MGH/Harvard Medical School)
S3-3. The direct response of immature developing neurons to X-irradiation or C-ion irradiation (20 min)
Anggraeini Puspitasari (Gunma Univ)
S3-4. High-throughput imaging analysis for detecting the effects of irradiation on synaptic status (20 min)
Kenji Hanamura (Gunma Univ)
10:30~10:45 Coffee break
10:45~11:55 Session 4 “Neurobiology/Radiation Biology“
Chair: Akihisa Takahashi (Gunma Univ)
S4-1. Lysophosphatidic acid receptor 4 signaling promotes vascular network in brain tumors and improves tumor microenvironment (10 min)
Daisuke Eino (Osaka Univ)
S4-2. SOX2 expressing Müller glia is essential for tissue regeneration in irradiated embryonic retina of medaka (Oryzias latipes) (10 min)
Takako Yasuda (The Univ of Tokyo)
S4-3. Deep learning–assisted data mining for clonogenic assay-associated literatures (10 min)
Shuichiro Komatsu (Gunma Univ)
S4-4. Higher linear energy transfer carbon-ion irradiation induces larger amounts of high mobility group box 1 from human cancer cells (10 min)
Masahiro Onishi (Gunma Univ)
S4-5. Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism to study biological effects of proton radiation (10 min)
Koichiro Nakajima (Nagoya Proton Therapy Center)
S4-6. Fibronectin on extracellular vesicles from microvascular endothelial cells plays a role for the vesicle uptake into oligodendrocyte precursor cells (10 min)
Sho Osawa (Gunma Univ)
S4-7. ncreased lysophosphatidylcholine activates microglia through P2X4 receptor in radiation brain necrosis (10 min)
Natsuko Kondo (Kyoto Univ)
12:00~12:45 Luncheon Seminar 2
Chair: Kazuhiko Ogawa (Osaka Univ)
L-2. Radiation therapy for bone metastasis
Takashi Uno (Chiba Univ)
12:50~13:50 Session 5 “Translational Research”
Chairs: Katsuyuki Shirai (Jichi Medical Univ Saitama Medical Center)
S5-1. Combination therapy using a dopamine receptor D1 agonist and radiation inhibit mammary tumor growth and bone metastatic potentials (10 min)
Kazumasa Minami (Osaka Univ)
S5-2. Mutational Profiling of Japanese Cervical Cancer Patients Treated with Radiotherapy (10 min)
Yuya Yoshimoto (Gunma Univ)
S5-3. PD-L1 expression in cancer cells is regulated by DNA double-strand break repair pathway (10 min)
Hiro Sato (Gunma Univ)
S5-4. Multi-layer omics analysis of castration- and X-ray-resistant prostate cancer cells (10 min)
Mototaro Iwanaga (Gunma Univ)
S5-5. m6A RNA modification by METTL3 regulates chemo- and radioresistance in pancreatic cancer cells (10 min)
Shotaro Tatekawa (Osaka Univ)
S5-6. Radiogenomics analysis reveals KRAS/SMAD4 mutations as indicator for tumor radioresistance (10 min)
Takahiro Oike (Gunma Univ)
13:50~14:45 Session 6 “Recent Developments in Radiation Delivery, Planning, and QA Systems”
Chair: Takashi Nakano (Gunma Univ)
S6-1. Recent advances from Varian (9 min)
Kenichiro Sugaya (Varian Medical Systems)
S6-2. Worldwide latest information -MR Linac- (9 min)
Daisuke Oguri (Elekta)
S6-3. CyberKnife and Radixact —- What are Accuray product line different (9 min)
Kazuyuki Kobayashi (Accuray Japan)
S6-4. Hitachi Particle Therapy System and its related technologies (9 min)
Masumi Umezawa (Hitachi)
S6-5. Adaptive patient QA -ADAPTIVO- (8 min)
Yoshiki Yamaguchi (Chiyoda Technol)
S6-6. Challenge for flameless QA in stereotactic irradiation (8 min)
Wataru Takahashi (Toyo Medic)
14:45~15:00 Coffee break
15:00~16:00 Session 7 “Radiation Biology/Oncology”
Chair: Kazumasa Minami (Osaka Univ)
S7-1. Inter-assay precision of clonogenic assay for radiosensitivity in human cancer cell lines (10 min)
Toshiaki Matsui (Gunma Univ)
S7-2. Prognostic factors for adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix treated with definitive radiation therapy (10 min)
Yuhei Miyasaka (Gunma Univ)
S7-3. Factors promoting DNA end resection at clustered DNA double-strand breaks after carbon-ion particle irradiation (10 min)
Yoshihiko Hagiwara (Gunma Univ)
S7-4. Initial experiences with proton therapy using a compact scanning-dedicated machine for patients with prostate cancer (10 min)
Taiki Takaoka (Narita Memorial Proton Center)
S7-5. Preclinical study on combined effect of cisplatin with carbon ions or X-rays (10 min)
Daijiro Kobayashi (Gunma Univ)
S7-6. Biological effects of prostagrandin E2-EP4 antagonist (AAT-008) : enhancement of immunoresponse to radiotherapy and a potential as a radiosensitizer (10 min)
Yoshihiko Manabe (Nagoya City Univ)